Resources for Transgender Students

Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC)

The SHWC is not equipped to give prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However, some steps in the transition process may require referral letters from a therapist, which can be provided through the free therapy services in the SHWC. There are also many HRT providers, including Howard Brown, which operate on Informed Concent, meaning you do not need a referral from a therapist.

Healthcare & Insurance

Healthcare centers in Chicago that provide transitional care include Howard Brown Health and the Chicago Women’s Health Center.

Coverage for HRT and surgery varies by insurance provider; check your plan details or call your provider for a more specific guide to coverage.

If you are using IIT’s Aetna Student Health Plan, prescription drugs are covered with a co-pay. More detailed information about the student health plan coverage can be found by calling Aetna at 800-841-3140.

Name/Gender Change

If you are looking to legally change your name in Illinois, Illinois Legal Aid Online has a detailed step by step guide through the process. If you are a resident, have an ID or have a birth certificate from another state, this site has other resources depending on state.

If you have legally corrected your name and/or gender, you’re able to update that information at IIT as well, using the Personal Information Change Request form.

Illinois Tech allows students to set their Preferred First Name using the form linked on this page. When submitted, it will show up on the following systems:

Keep in mind there is still some places where a legal name is required, such as formal legal records, tax documents, contract, academic transcripts, diplomas and other official documents. You will need to fill out the legal name change form above for those to change.


Note: The campus map here is not currently updated.

As of Spring 2018, all single-user bathrooms are now labelled as gender neutral, as well as accessible (if applicable). Prism is currently working with administration towards approval for multi-stall gender neutral bathrooms with appropriate labeling. A map of the campus bathrooms labelled by gender can be found here, not including a gender neutral, individual locker room in Keating Sports Center, located to the left of the main entrance. Multi-stall gender neutral bathrooms are available in the MTCC, on the slope between the WIIT Studio and the Auditorium.


General Advice

Support Groups

There used to be a support group from transgender students referred to as “Trans @ IIT”. This group is no longer active, but if you wish to start this back up with Prism’s help, we would be interested. Please contact us at While the Trans @ IIT group is no longer active, Transgender students are still welcome to join us during general Prism meetings.